At Novella, we are all about making dreams come true. We love dressing up, feeling pretty and want to spread that love around.

Our clothes are inspired by nature, Italian culture and the art of dressing for an occasion – no matter how big or small the event.

We want our clothes to make you feel good whether you’re making your morning coffee or going to a wedding.

That’s why when we first met Italian chef Anna Paola Dalessio, we knew a collaboration with her was a match made in heaven.

Anna was born and raised in a beautiful Roman fairytale.


Anna Paola soriano-nel-cimino-chestnut-festival


“I grew up looking at a castle, drinking coffee with ricotta in it, with my Nonna and I always imagined myself as a princess covered in flour,” she recalls.

She grew up in a medieval town near Rome called Soriano nel Cimino. Her food is rich in flavour, history and pure love.

“I love cooking with genuine seasonal fruit and vegetables that the season offers to us,” she explains.

From the moment Anna rises and makes her morning coffee, to dinner time with a table full of home-made pasta and luscious desserts – it’s all about rituals and love.


Annapaola D'Alessio - Vignetto Long Sleeve Wrap DressAnnapaola D'Alessio - Vignetto Wrap Dress

 Anna wears the Vignetto Wrap Dress


Recipes passed down from her ancestors for generations and remembering special occasions and family dinners. Sharing that joy with her family, friends and customers.

“I love cooking because it ties me to my past but also creates memories with my family in the present.”

Her philosophy on life, love and living her passion just matches so well with ours.


Annapaola D'Alessio - Rosa Fit and Flare dressRosa Fit and Flare Dress

     Anna wears the Rosa Fit and Flare Dress    


Anna is a mother, a wife and a professional restaurant chef.

She is a special soul that finds joy in nourishing others with her food.

When we approached her about working together, her warmth and generosity of spirit shone through.

So please meet Anna, our brand ambassador and kindred spirit.


Annapaola D'Alessio - Mela Cowl Dress

    Anna wears the Mela Cowl Neck Dress


We had so much fun dressing her in Novella and witnessing her beautiful cooking rituals in action – from taking in her morning café to riding to market for fresh produce to preparing the family meal with her daughter and husband.

We hope you enjoy watching this chapter of the Novella story with Anna Paola as the starring role.