“There is a nook hard by this place, where I think none of you has ever been: 'tis called the Ladies' Vale: whither, ever since we have been here, I have desired to take you, but time meet I have not found until today, when the sun is still so high: if, then, you are minded to visit it, I have no manner of doubt that, when you are there, you will be very glad you came.”      
- Boccaccio, Decameron, VI 

Vignetto Long Sleeve Wrap Dress


Thus Boccaccio presents in his Decameron, a collection of 100 short stories called novelle, a place uniquely dedicated to feminine creativity and aesthetic talent. 
Novella’s designer clothing was born precisely from the necessity to adopt our distinctive style in all parts of our life. We believe our desire for beauty and elegance should not be restrained or confined, rather expressed differently in the polychromy of our existence. It is a manifestation of our individuality in which the language of nature mirrors our personality, merging them together to create unique aesthetic narratives.  

Sequin Dress

Rosa Fit and Flare dress


The celebration of Italian female designing, quality craftsmanship and the expertise of our artists inform the Novella range of clothing we carefully devised for your needs. Our casual dresses bear the elegance and grace of Tuscan flowers tenderly blossoming on the rainbow of our emotions.
Novella’s formal attires incorporate traditional craftmanship into modern shapes, suffusing the attention to detail with reminiscences of early twentieth-century artistic refinement, where light merrily chases the shades of your garments in an infinite cycle around your movements.   



Mela Cowl Neck Satin Dress

We look forward to welcoming you in our creative vale if you wish to explore the visual range of our creations.