For our debut collection, we have three unique themes; Loungewear like no other, Garden Goddess, and Shimmering Soiree.


Each has a symbol which represents the inspiration behind it and the essence of its formation. For our Garden Goddess collection, the symbol is the statue, she stands tall and confidently in her bold, natural beauty.


Novella The Label Ninfea Wrap Dress


This collection is set within the iridescent stillness of Tuscan Gardens, and is inspired by all that exists within this serene paradise.


The sheer beauty of each flower, and the shade of every leaf which grows bathing in warm sunlight, provides the canvas for our print designs within this collection.

Novella The Label Vignetto Wrap Dress 

In these gardens, the focal point, and queen of this natural kingdom is the beautiful statue which acts as the centre piece amongst this living utopia of flora and fauna. 


Just as these beautiful gardens grow around a statue, enveloping her like a living robe, our garments are designed to envelop you in a fluid and feminine silhouette. 


These statuesque goddesses are reminiscent of Venus – the roman goddess of love, beauty, prosperity and fertility. This notion of love, beauty and romance, forms the passion behind the design of each of our flowing, floral garments.


Botticeli's Venus


The collection is a range of visual charms where every shape, every colour, every perfume yields the most delicate design detail, to adorn you for the beautiful stories of your life.