The most important thing to note when wearing your new loungewear is that it exists to envelope you in a shroud of effortless charm. While also providing comfort, it will lift your mood to the place where these same fields of flowers blossom in the warm air with their brilliant kaleidoscopic colour.  

 How to Wear your Loungewear 1

How to Wear your Loungewear 2

You will find yourself lifting objects just to see the full ruffles twirl and cascade from your wrist down your elbows. And as you swan from one place to another, the volume of your ruffles will follow you, adding swirls of blooming colour to your every move, with a gentle swoosh.

Novella The Label Loungewear 3 

The smoothness of the relaxed fabric in these matching pants are barely there in comfort and gather together with a gorgeous diamante belt centrepiece. It’s easy to wear these two flowing garments with flats and still feel beautiful.


How to Wear your Loungewear 3

How to Wear your Loungewear 4

Worn open to allow the fullness of your plunging cape to drape behind you in its sheer delicate volume, or cinch it in at the waist with each of the ties which loop through cleverly to not disturb the fall of each ruffle detail.