Returning to the office after the Christmas/New Year break has felt more rejuvenating than usual. Spending time with our nearest and dearest feels so much more rewarding this year. We hope that you managed to take some time off and enjoy some lavish holiday moments!


Like so many of you, we took the opportunity to pack a bag and leave some of the stresses from 2020 behind and celebrate bringing in the new year. We were lucky to have friends in regional Victoria to stay with, so we packed light, without forgetting sparklers or the French bubbles to countdown from the year that was to the year that will be.


And while we may be a little biased, we have to say that one of the great benefits of travelling with Novella is the wrinkle-proof travel ability of our garments. Just pop them into your suitcase and you're ready to go!


Novella The Label how to pack your suitcase

Visiting friends while away is great, but visiting friends with a pool is better! We love versatility as much as every other busy person, and love to pack items that double up as practical for multiple occasions. The Rosa Ruffle is the perfect swimwear cover-up, and what could possibly be more glamorous?

Novella The Label Rosa Ruffle Cover up over bathers

After a swim in the pool, we had cocktails in the afternoon air which of course required a costume change. Being in the country meant flats were non-negotiable, and white sneakers teamed up perfectly with the Luminare Metallic Knit dress, just add your latest eyewear addition and favourite cocktail!

Novella the Label Luminare metallic knit dress


The countdown is really one of those special moments which requires that little bit of extra pizazz. There is nothing better than feeling like an actual sparkler if you ask us! So the Stella Sequin Dress was the perfect option. There is nothing like some low key sequins to make you feel ready to take on whatever 2021 may bring!


Novella The label Stella Sequin Dress

Happy New Year to all of our amazing community, thank you for being there to support our brand in its first few months of existence. We hope that 2021 is an amazing year for everyone and look forward to bringing you some incredible new designs to wear to the important moments of your life.





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