Effortless dressing is an art. We believe that pairing clothes together in a non typical way without compromising on glamour or comfort, radiates confidence. We live to see the way that you dress your Novella and want to share a few of our favourite styling techniques with you!

Here at Novella, we think satin feel printed pants which drape beautifully against your figure are the perfect staple for your wardrobe. That’s why we designed the Fresia high waist buckle pant. With a little bit of drama in the gathered front, and a touch of glamour with a diamonte’d or fabric covered buckle, the satin feel fabric tapers in to flatter all shapes and sizes. Pair these with a shirt or t-shirt, flats or heels. We love the way @travelinstylewithdebs has styled her Fresia high waist pants!


Debasree in the Fresia Pant - how to style your Novella

@travelinstylewithdebs wears the Fresia High Waist Pant with her own black shirt


Novella The Label Fresia High Waist Pant Palm Print

The Fresia High Waist buckle pant pairs beautifully with a voluminous black blouse.


One of our favourite styling tips is sneakers with everything. What better way to get maximum wear out of your favourite dresses than by dressing them down with your most loved sneakers. Best of all, it means being able to wear your favourite dresses to both formal and informal events in entirely unique ways. 


How to style your Novella - Leonessa Sequin Skirt

The Leonessa Sequin Skirt is especially well suited for pairing with sneakers.


Vignetto Wrap Dress - how to style your Novella

@Kalnberzina in the Vignetto Wrap dress and sneakers.


Regina Sparkle Knit Mini - How to style your Novella

The Regina Sparkle Knit Mini looks perfect with sneakers or stilettos.


Throw on a blazer or denim jacket to keep warm in the cooler months. We think that a light denim jacket will be your best accompaniment to any flowy dress. Choose the Vignetto or Ninfea Wrap dress, the Lilla layer or Luminoso dress. These will keep you warm while adding a touch of effortless style to perfect your outfit.


Vignetto Wrap dress with Denim Jacket - how to style your novella

The Vignetto Wrap Dress styled with a light denim jacket.


Luminoso Lurex Slip Dress - how to style your novella

@thismumsstyle wears the Luminoso Lurex Slip Dress with a classic black blazer


We are all about mixing and matching, whether this is with our loungewear as a set or in a combination of print and solid, or with a glamorous cocktail dress paired with your favourite sneakers. We like to keep things fresh by adding a touch of the unexpected.

The Rosa Ruffle + Fresia high Waist in matching Palm Print

The Fresia High Waist Pant with matching Rosa Ruffle cover up, both in Palm Print.


Fresia High Waist Pant Floral, Rosa Ruffle Cover Up, Black - how to style your Novella

Mix and match with prints and solids in the Fresia High Waist Pant and Rosa Ruffle Cover Up.


Luminare metallic Knit Dress Fuchsia - how to style your novella

Sneakers and cocktail attire - effortless style in the Luminare Metallic Knit Dress

We hope these tips will also allow you to gain a new lease on how you dress your Novella outfits so that they can live in a constant rotation in your wardrobe, and you can enjoy wearing them as much as possible!