It’s been a hot minute since we’ve shared any updates on our blog! 

So we wanted to share a few highlights, pass a note to you under the desk with some sneaky important dates *wink*, and remind you how much we love you!  

It’s remarkable to see that what started as an idea during peak lockdown in a global pandemic, is now approaching the release of its fourth collection! We’re blown away at the community we’ve built and the incredible memories we’ve been a part of.  

Since our last update we’ve had lots of developments at Novella HQ (some big ones are in the works but you have to keep reading to find out.. Trust us, you won’t want to miss it).  
In May we had a few of our favourite content creators and influencers who were attending The Curve Runway at Australian Fashion Week, stay at the #NovellaPenthouse overlooking a rainy, but beautiful Sydney. 

Shortly after our designer Emily rendezvoused in Paris, Milano and London, absorbing all the decadent European flavours the continent has to offer. From feathers to sequins, leather to lace, Emily filled her book (and her suitcases) with items that would soon influence the flavours of our next collection.  


On this next collection, we have to be honest.. This could be our favourite drop to date! While we love the mystery and anticipation of the chase, we will give you one clue.  

“A date in the Mediterranean” 😏  See sneaky peak.....

Speaking of dates, we have some exciting news. In case you missed it, our Animale Skirt is back in stock! 

Other items on their way back to us are... *drum roll please*   

The Black and Raspberry Bacios! We know how eager so many of you were to get your hands on these beauties, so your wish is our command!  

Finally, we've always wanted our sizes to be inclusive. After a couple of years of research and listening to our incredible community, we’re thrilled to announce as of August, our new collections will cater to sizes 10-24!! So that even more even gorgeous bodies to be wrapped in Novella.  

As a Melbourne born and bred company, we’re proud to be Australian and to create these magical pieces for your wardrobe. That being said, we’ve grown out of our current office and are about to move into a bigger warehouse! Because of this (who doesn’t hate moving?!) we’ve decided to run a flash sale this weekend, when you buy two items, we’ll throw in a third surprise garment for you to love! Tell your mums, tell your aunties, grandmas, friends, cousins, neighbours. We’re rolling into the second half of 2022 more inspired and creative than ever.  

Thank you for being such a perfect community of fashion lovers.  

Ciao xx