Novella The Label’s first ever photoshoot day was an exciting amalgamation of creative and talented people coming together and doing what they love - a shared story for each of us in making a dream come to life.
Our beautiful model was the centrepiece and lifeblood for the photoshoot, she reminded us of Botticelli’s muse, and the way she brought our designs to life was quite magical; with a classic, individual beauty.
Borrowing treasured items from friends and family, sifting through markets and scouring the internet, we spent months searching high and low for the perfect details. Finally, we managed to gather an amazing collection of shoes, accessories, props and furniture to create the stage for Novella to make its debut
The setting for each scene was based on the idea that our clothes are for the global woman, she is everywhere making moments and memories, and less about creating a specific place. The concept was to make a space that could exist anywhere in the world, bringing an eclectic mix of kitsch elements together with classic pieces to create a unique, sometimes surreal landscape.
The garden concept that we created suggests a mystical, paradise garden where our model is the beautiful statuesque figure at the centre of it all. We loved taking inspiration from the great Botticelli to create this aesthetic.
Our head designer reminisces about a time which has informed our first collection greatly;
"The presence of floral arrangements and trinkets reminded me of Nonnas house. Like lots of fashionistas, Nonna taught me how to sew. I wanted to pay homage to her and our heritage with the ceremony around garment making and dressing."
Novella The Label Loungewear
Maybe it’s because our team is so tight-knit, or perhaps it is a little bit the excitement of this all coming together finally, but the day itself felt reminiscent of a ceremonial wedding day. All of the excitement and outfit planning, detail tuning, run times, photographer liaising, and the feeling of celebration, perhaps a new beginning despite a history of hard work?!
We even had confetti in the form of glitter discs. Disco has also been a big influence in our creative process because we want to spread a glittering magic of creativity throughout the world.